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Team Matters: Find The Perfect Home & Strengthen Your Family

One of The Smith Group’s secret weapons, and behind-the-scenes team members, is real estate coach and educator, Tom Ferry. He’s a pivotal player we’ve hired to teach our team and inspire success. Spencer Rascoff, CEO of Zillow, points out a key to managing a successful team is to keep learning. That leadership sometimes starts by saying “I don’t know” and then finding the answer.

As leaders in Orange County’s real estate market we passionately seek out answers for the benefit of our clients. And their families. The Wall Street Journal and REAL Trends, Inc. have ranked The Smith Group as the #16 team in the Nation, by sales volume.

We believe a team always outperforms an individual. With 15 dedicated professionals we have a combined 150 years of transactional experience, and each person has a specific and vital role to play in selling your home. There are no second string players in our group. Our team members are among the Top Quarter of 1% in the Nation for Coldwell Banker since 2009.

The Smith Group is thrilled to welcome to the team, Deborah Robinson. She is a Southern California native with 25 years of real estate experience.


Q: What brought you to The Smith Group?

I have worked transactions with Tim throughout the years. I love the way he carries himself and how he does business. He’s a family man of integrity, has built a great brand, and organized a diverse team. In my move there was no question about joining forces with The Smith Group.

Q: What are your thoughts on the concept of a team?

I am a single mom with two children and they are my life. The three of us are a team. As my boys confront life, I expect they will draw from the foundation I have built, and the example in which I strive to lead with. My family is what drives me to get up every morning and work hard, find success, help others, and make money. If you transfer this over to the family of people you work with, the ideas are the same.

The Smith Group is composed of a dynamic team of individuals. They are experts on the market, value integrity, and are building a brand that matters. A brand that gives back to the community, and helps people with one of the most important matters related to their family—a home to nurture their team. With all that’s happening in the world right now this matters more than ever. Home is a place to grow our teams and circle back into the community to offer something helpful. Even inspiring.

For me, my home is everything. It’s where I lay myself down at night to reboot and recharge. It’s a frame and safe haven that strengthens me, and the memories and future of my children.


31889 Circle Drive in Laguna Beach might just be the perfect remedy for your family. Offered at $5,995,000

Deborah has a strong background in mortgage financing, and is well versed in lending, managing and selling complete mortgage portfolios. She would love to help you secure positive results with your real estate transactions. For any interested buyers in Laguna Niguel, take a peek at several of Deborah’s current listings.

9 Searidge | Laguna Niguel | Offered at $4,999,999

View Listing


8 Hastings | Laguna Niguel | $1,495,000
View Listing

24201 La Hermosa Avenue | Laguna Niguel | $849,900
View Listing

The Smith Group is the #1 Team in Orange County for Coldwell Banker since 2009. Trust our team to help your family find the perfect home. Learn more about our strategy for success. 



Feed Your Inner Foodie

First Annual
Newport Beach Wine & Food Festival

Three of our favorite things are Newport Beach, wine, and food. When we decided to sponsor the first annual Newport Beach Wine & Food Festival we were thrilled to take the challenge and dive into our community. Once we saw the line up of talent we were sold in our partnership.


The festival will feature live cooking demos with celebrity and local chefs, elite sommelier panels, master mixology courses, wine tastings with over 40 premier wineries, cuisine from some of OC’s finest culinary masters, spirits and beer tastings, and live music from international jazz artists.

With summer dwindling and school schedules set, The Smith Group invites you to join us next weekend at the festival. Our home base will be a cozy booth with wine to pour and room to mingle. As the season of fall approaches our intention is to strengthen community and engage in conversation that matters.

With an abundant assortment of chefs, sommeliers, mixologists, musicians, and culinary treasures—the foodie in you is certain to find nirvana. The inception of this festival solidifies Newport Beach as a luxury home to the world of food, wine, and restaurants. Becoming an epicenter of creative and delicious proportions.

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Market Matters

Our Huntington Beach Specialist With A Whole Lot Of Heart & Soul

Giving you another chance to make a better first impression.             Giving you another chance to make a better first impression.

Your #1 Choice To Sell or Buy in Surf City USA

Cristi Ulrich is a partner at The Smith Group. She’s our Huntington Beach specialist with an emphasis in Huntington Harbour. With over twenty-one years of real estate experience and a unique zest for life—you will find her personality contagious. She believes that even if you’re having a bad moment, like moving down in life because you cannot financially afford where you are living, why would you not focus on making your next move fabulous.

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Community Matters & So Do Summer Picnics

A modern and fast paced digital world has shifted the rules and parameters of your sense of community.

You can travel the globe with your fingertips. FaceTime allows you to join your best friend who is hiking the Kalalau Trail on Kauai. Google Earth gives you eyes from the front porch of your future home in Orange County, California. And with the swipe of your fingers you can spin around and see what your neighborhood and community might look like.

There is a shadow side to your technological wealth and the web of never ending distraction. It’s never been more important to reserve a portion of your precious time with real-live-non-digital-people. Within your family, home, and community. Interactions that demand eye contact, face-to-face, your touch, and the gift of your presence.

Seth Godin, American author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker, shares a great tip on how to build community. It starts with a question:

“What can I contribute today? This might be the very best way to become part of a community. Relentless generosity brings us closer together.”

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Gratitude Matters

In a shifting real estate market unexpected roads often appear.

On such a night I finish a late showing and text my wife, “Be home shortly.” Hopefully my hungry toddler and patient wife have saved some dinner. One of the privileges of my work is a temporary stewardship to manage, watch over, and articulate the value of the homes I list. Each home has a unique story and personality. With current owners only steps away from future ones. At The Smith Group it is our desire and objective to tell the story of your home in excellent style.

I move from room to room, shut windows, lock doors, and turn off stray lamps. I reach under one lamp shade several times before I bend over and discover the power button is on the cord. I smile and remember I did the very same thing right before my appointment arrived.

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