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Our Huntington Beach Specialist With A Whole Lot Of Heart & Soul

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Your #1 Choice To Sell or Buy in Surf City USA

Cristi Ulrich is a partner at The Smith Group. She’s our Huntington Beach specialist with an emphasis in Huntington Harbour. With over twenty-one years of real estate experience and a unique zest for life—you will find her personality contagious. She believes that even if you’re having a bad moment, like moving down in life because you cannot financially afford where you are living, why would you not focus on making your next move fabulous.

Four years ago Cristi sold her personal home:

“I had never been a seller before. Well, that’s not entirely true, I sold a little condo that I never lived in, but I had never sold my home of twenty six years. The home where all my children were born and raised. I learned how extremely personal and difficult it is to make such a decision and to actually follow through with it. The experience gave me a valuable perspective on sellers. It gave me a heart and soul about the process.

For anyone in a situation where you are giving up something you have loved and cherished, moving on, whether it’s by choice, through hardship, or because you are stepping on to something better; regardless the reason, I know how difficult it is to let go of something you love.

It’s interesting to observe life’s circumstances and how they push people to move. Your husband died. Your house is too big and feels empty. You lost your job. You bought a bigger boat and need a bigger boat dock. Perhaps you’re tired of your house. Your life is begging for a change. Your family is expanding, you’re pregnant, and expecting a baby.

I made the choice to let go because my family decreased in size and I wanted a smaller environment. After a couple weeks I never looked back. Because I was happy about where I landed. This is the key. Even if it’s a terribly bad situation, you need to relocate in a manner that makes you feel good. If it’s an apartment, a brand new home, on the water, smaller, or bigger. Whatever the story, it’s important to hire an agent and team that can help you through your transition.

When you find the courage to let go, the next step is to make a commitment to the entire process.

Who you choose to help you and how you choose to let them matters. The direction you are coming from and the one in which you’re headed, transitions much easier if you make a commitment. When you’re wishy-washy you are never going to find that next fabulous home.

Once your’e committed and partnered with The Smith Group, we will prepare your house to ensure it sells as quick as possible. It can be tedious and invasive to have your house listed. And we don’t want to put you through an experience where you’re sitting on the market for six months.

In order to move it we need to make your home the most beautiful it can be. To make it feel so good when people walk in they never want to leave. We might move around your furniture or hire our preferred staging company to work their magic.

Once your home is listed and dressed at it’s best, your brain begins to wrap itself around where you’re going to land next. And this becomes a perfect opportunity to get excited. To define the specifics of what you want. It’s actually helpful to sit down and begin making a list.

You ask the difference between me and my competition? When you list with me I work with you every step of the way. You are my number one priority. And I will get you 98 percent of your list price. The Smith Group is excellent in defining where you should be on the market, how we put you there, and how quickly we sell. We will maximize your dollars.”

If you are looking to move to Huntington Beach, CA, or find the courage to list your home, let go, and pursue a fabulous new adventure. Please call me. We can begin our exciting partnership in possibility.

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Community Matters & So Do Summer Picnics

A modern and fast paced digital world has shifted the rules and parameters of your sense of community.

You can travel the globe with your fingertips. FaceTime allows you to join your best friend who is hiking the Kalalau Trail on Kauai. Google Earth gives you eyes from the front porch of your future home in Orange County, California. And with the swipe of your fingers you can spin around and see what your neighborhood and community might look like.

There is a shadow side to your technological wealth and the web of never ending distraction. It’s never been more important to reserve a portion of your precious time with real-live-non-digital-people. Within your family, home, and community. Interactions that demand eye contact, face-to-face, your touch, and the gift of your presence.

Seth Godin, American author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker, shares a great tip on how to build community. It starts with a question:

“What can I contribute today? This might be the very best way to become part of a community. Relentless generosity brings us closer together.”

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Gratitude Matters

In a shifting real estate market unexpected roads often appear.

On such a night I finish a late showing and text my wife, “Be home shortly.” Hopefully my hungry toddler and patient wife have saved some dinner. One of the privileges of my work is a temporary stewardship to manage, watch over, and articulate the value of the homes I list. Each home has a unique story and personality. With current owners only steps away from future ones. At The Smith Group it is our desire and objective to tell the story of your home in excellent style.

I move from room to room, shut windows, lock doors, and turn off stray lamps. I reach under one lamp shade several times before I bend over and discover the power button is on the cord. I smile and remember I did the very same thing right before my appointment arrived.

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